Waiting for Silverstone, GT Open contenders take rest and … glory

07.08.2018  GTO

The racing community is enjoying a short, well-deserved and … warm summer break,  and so do also the International GT Open contenders. Spending time with family and friends at the sea, the mountains or visiting new places is the main activity of the moment, and rightly so, but always with a sight on what comes next.

The International GT Open will be back end of the month, with the Silverstone round starting on 31st August. The event will open the final stretch of the season, which includes also Monza and Barcelona, and see a terrific battle for all titles, as the situation is still all but decided in all the standings: Overall, Pro-Am, Am and Teams.

The timetable for Silverstone has now been published and the round in Northamptonshire promises to be as interesting as the previous ones.

In the meantime, a high number of GT Open contenders have taken part in the Total 24 hours of Spa, one of the greatest GT races in the international level, performing extremely well and proving the very high level of our series. Rinaldi Racing, with David Perel and Rinat Salikhov (pictured alongside team mates Mattschull and Keilwitz) among the drivers of its Ferrari 488, won the Pro-Am class, with the Ombra Racing Lambo doing the same in the Silver Cup, with Kang Ling associated with Rizzoli, Frassineti and Monti. Target Racing, on their side, took a brilliant second in Am, after fighting for victory up to the final hours, with Alberto Di Folco and Stefano Costantini sharing the Lambo with Delhez and Debs. Our congratulations to all of them!