Perfect day and second win of the year for Yoluç-Eastwood (TF Sport Aston)

13.09.2020  GTO

The Aston Martin of TF Sport fought back after a difficult Saturday to take its second win of the season, as Charlie Eastwood (who signed his second pole in the series) and Salih Yoluç imposed themselves in Race 2 at the Red Bull Ring. They beat the AF Corse APM Monaco Ferrari of Louis Prette-Vincent Abril, who stole second in the final lap from Patric Krupinski-Christian Klien (JP Motorsport Mercedes) and Miguel Ramos-Henrique Chaves (TMM McLaren).

The Portuguese pair keeps the leadership in the standings, 7 points ahead of Prette-Abril and 8 of Yoluc-Eastwood. For Krupinski and Klien there was the joy of winning in ProAm, ahead of Ortelli-Negro (AF Corse APM Monaco Ferrari) and Hahn-Rueda (TMM McLaren), with the JP Motorsport and the Brazilian tied in points as Pro-Am class leaders.

In Am, beautiful first success of the season for the Russian pair Alex Moiseev-Alexey Nesov, with their AKM Motorsport Mercedes, now only two points behind Am class leaders Scholze-Liebhasuer (GetSpeed Mercedes).

THE RACE – At the start, poleman Eastwood is passed on the outside at first corner by Chaves. Klien is third in full fight with Abril, who gets passed by Osborne, then Macleod, Hahn, Niederhauser and Nesov, who leads in Am. Following a decision of the stewards, Chaves gives back P1 to Eastwood, as it is considered red he was out of track limits during the initial overtaking. The duel between the two is intense and the Portuguese takes the lead in lap 6.

There is great stability in positions in the following phase, with the leader’s gap growing up to 4 seconds by lap 12. Klien is third followed by Osborne and Abril, all very close, then Macleod, Niederhauser, Nesov and Hahn. Nesov passes Niederhauser in lap 15 to take 7th. In lap 17 opens the driver change window.

After all stops, in lap 23, Yoluc leads with 5 seconds over Krupinski, 11 on Ramos, 18 on Prette and Moiseev, then Moss, De Haan, Millroy and Rueda. The last five form a compact group that will soon start battling, with Moiseev having to concede his position but keeping firmly the leadership in Am. In the meantime, Ramos has catch Krupinski, while Millroy ends up in the gravel after  contact with De Haan who soon after is involved in a similar incident with Rueda and ends in the gravel too. The safety-car is out and the single race lap left after re-start sees Prette pipping both Ramos and Krupinski to take second.