Hasta siempre, Walter

09.12.2020  GTO

Today is a sad day for motor racing and the entire GT family: Walter Lechner has passed away, at the age of 71.

An enthusiastic, popular and friendly figure for decades, Walter has first been a successful driver in the ‘80s, in single-seater formulae (notably, F.3), and with sports cars. He won the Interserie in 1983 and was a top WSCC contender in the golden era of Group C. He then founded a driving school near the Salzburgring that became a reference in Austria and beyond. From there stemmed a  successful team, which has conquered countless wins and titles at international level, mainly but not only in Porsche mono-brand series. For the Stuttgart make, he also acted as a series organizer.

Jesús Pareja, CEO of GT Sport, stated: “Walter has been a dear friend since we raced together in the Eighties. He was a true lover of the sports, to which he devoted his entire life, embarking on the journey his whole family. He was able to build an impressive racing organization that Walter jr and Robert will perpetuate, but Walter was unique and will be sorely missed. In my name and on behalf of all of us at GT Sport, all of our sympathy to the Lechner family, team members, and friends.”