SVC joins GT Cup Open with a Toyota GR Supra for Chodzen-Zamparini

13.05.2022  GTCup

SVC Sport Management is the latest team to join the 2022 GT Cup Open Europe and does it adding a new model and a new brand to the series: the Toyota GR Supra GT4.

Based on the GR Supra 3.0L street model car, the GR Supra GT4 has been developed by TMG and its 6-cylinder engine has an output of 435 hp. It has started its racing career in 2020.

Well-known in the GT4 recing scene, SVC Sport Management is based in Austria and benefits from the technical assistance of Villorba Corse.

The drivers that will be campaigning the GT Cup Open Europe are Poland’s Antoni Chodzen (25) and Italy’s Patrick Zamparini (48), who have good experience in GT4 racing and have already been paired in  recent seasons.