Champion Noel León’s future starts at Macau GP

06.11.2023  EFO

Less than one week after the curtain fell on the Euroformula Open season, 2023 Champion Noel León was back home to Mexico. Before enjoying some well-deserved time off with family and friends, he attended the Mexico F.1 GP, a perfect opportunity to promote his achievement before the entire national racing community, media and sponsors.

As for any racing driver around this time of the year, Noel’s sight is entirely focused on what comes next, and the objective is to race in 2024 in the FIA F.3. “I took part in the recent post-season tests in Jerez, Barcelona and Imola”, he explains, “and they went very well. Now is the time to close the deals to secure a drive.” In the meantime, he will face another exciting challenge, taking part in the prestigious Macau F.3 Grand Prix.

The future seems bright for the 18-year-old from Monterrey, who has won the Euroformula title in his second racing season in Europe, after taking the US and NACAM F.4 titles in his previous two campaigns. “In Europe everything is different”, he says, “the level of competition, the way of working, the approach to setting up the car. You have to adjust, and I must say that in this respect, working with such a professional team as Motopark was the best thing that could happen to me.”

Reflecting on his Euroformula experience, he says: “It was a long and tough season, we started well and kept a good momentum, although inevitably there were ups and downs, but we always came back. The tracks are fantastic, the Dallara 320 is such a great car to drive, so responsive… One could say that the grids weren’t that big, but I had to fight all the way through with my teammates, Bryce Aron and Cian Shields, who were on an equal foot, and there were quite a few good drivers coming race by race. I did well against all of them.”

And Noel’s conclusion is clear: “I am very happy about my season and very excited about the future.”